I used to suffer greatly from insomnia and migraines; to the point that it was affecting my day to day life. Some nights I would struggle to grab 2 hours sleep and my concentration was all over the place. If I was unlucky and got a migraine, I knew that I would be inactive for an entire day due to the nausea and crippling pain that came with them. After countless trips to the doctors and trying every remedy I could think of I was beginning to resign myself to the fact that there was no cure; and then I heard of Reflexology. I was sceptical to begin with and did not think that it would help in a million years; but Vanessa has turned my life around. Thanks to her I am back to having restful nights sleeps and the migraines are a distant memory... now I just keep my appointments to enjoy the relaxation that comes with them! The accuracy in what Vanessa discovered about me just through my feet is quite amazing. I definitely recommend Reflexology by Vanessa.

- Elaine

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