The reflexology sessions I have had with Vanessa I have felt have been very successful. I was doubtful about the benefits of it, but intrigued to find out for myself. After my visits I now look forward to my next session as I find it so relaxing and helpful to my general well-being. Thanks again Vanessa!

Foot zone map

The theory of reflexology is that there are corresponding reflex areas to part, glands and organs of the body in the feet. Therefore with manipulation of the feet the entire body can be treated. The right foot represents the right side of the body, and the left foot, the left side.

Reflexology is in no way a miracle cure for all ills! It works in conjunction with conventional medicine as a complementary therapy. As it works in conjunction with prescribed medication, reflexology allows the body to relax and therefore aid healing and well-being.

Disorders that reflexology can help with include: pregnancy aches and pains, migraine, digestive disorders, circulatory problems, back pain, breathing disorders, insomnia, IBS, backache, sinus problems, elimination, stress, anxiety, depression, infertility issues and hormonal imbalance.

I regularly see a client with Ulcerative Colitis. She wanted to try an holistic therapy to see if it helped in any way, but kept on her prescribed medication as advised by her doctor. She was depressed about her condition as she had suffered with it for over 10 years. Reflexology and Reiki sessions with the Bach Flower Remedies that I had chosen for her made an improvement in her condition and her state of mind. Along with the 'friendly bacteria' option her doctor suggested, she is pleased with her improvement and is now positive about the future. A once a month treatment now maintains her improved condition and I am extremely pleased with the improvement I myself can feel in her feet.

Also, an elderly client of mine who suffered with Parkinson's Disease showed improvement when I started seeing her. The minor tremors were negligible and the involuntary movement was lessened and sporadic, whereas she was constantly on the move at our first meeting. She was delighted she had given reflexology a go and was thrilled with her improvement.

At no point did either of these clients discontinue or change their medication from the doctor. Reflexology works with medical treatment! It should in no way be looked at as an alternative to it.

Give your feet a treat! Call me to make an appointment.